Guide to Dwarfskill


Here is important information and key points to make sure your stay at the Dwarfskill Preserve is as enjoyable as possible.


Parking, smoking, litter and being a good forest steward

  • Please park in the parking area at the top of the circle drive (other than when unloading).

  • No smoking is allowed inside the buildings; if you smoke outside, please dispose of cigarette butts properly and don’t leave them (or any litter) on the ground

  • We grew up with a rule to always carry a plastic bag when hiking to gather litter you may run across in the woods; we appreciate guests who will do the same. Thank you for helping us keep this preserve beautiful!

  • Please be considerate when there are other guests, particularly after sunset.

  • Try to avoid stepping on moss growth (sometimes there is no other choice).

  • You are welcome to forage in the woods, but please don’t harvest mushrooms unless you are 100% certain you know what you are doing, as we can accept no liability for any resulting illness or injury.

Appliances and systems

  • When leaving the building, double-check to make sure all burners on the stove are turned off

  • Do not set refrigerator temperature below 6 or the freezer above 4.

  • LODGE: Scrape and rinse dishes thoroughly before loading dishwasher (septic sensitive)

  • Please do not turn the thermostat above 68; please lower to 55 upon departure.

  • We are on a septic system, please don’t dispose of sanitary napkins, cigarette butts, gum or other waste in the toilet

  • There are fans and space heaters in closets in each building

Use of the Fireplaces, Wood stove and Fire pits

  • The fireboxes in the Lodge and Cabin fireplaces are small and can only hold up to two logs, please don’t let the fire get too large or it creates a risk of a chimney fire.

  • There is extra firewood in the woodshed between the Cabin and Cottage

  • Make sure the damper is open and hold a lighted newspaper to warm the chimney to facilitate a better draw for the smoke. Be sure to use the fireplace screen

  • Never leave with a fire or smoldering remnants in the fireplace. These buildings are basically 80-year old piles of dried kindling and will go up in smoke very fast!

Garbage, Linens, Supplies and Closing Up

  • Bag and tie garbage and place in garbage shed opposite the Lodge, adjacent to the parking area.

  • Toilet tissue, paper towels, garbage bags, bug repellent, light bulbs, batteries and matches are found in each building

    (check under the sinks, or closet near sink)

  • Fresh linens are in the linen closet in the Lodge and in the bedroom dresser in the Cottage

  • Please clean up after your pets and please don’t use guest towels for your pets.

Emergencies and Closing Notes

Owner: cell/text: 646-642-4915 or email

Reservations and Housekeeping Manager: (Cindy) cell: 484-269-8862 or email

Property Manager: (Bill) cell/text: 570-241-4897.

When it is time to go, be sure to:

  • Close and lock windows; turn thermostat to 55 degrees; remove and bag garbage and put in garbage shed; turn off lights, stove, grill and coffeemaker; wash dishes and tidy kitchen.

  • Please strip the beds and leave all linens in a pile for the housekeeper.

  • Leave keys hanging behind the shutter (or on rail at Cottage) and text owner at 646-642-4915 that you have departed.

Thank you for appreciating The Dwarfskill Preserve and helping to protect and restore our natural environment.